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Common Injury Observed in Runners:

Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT)

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Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy (PHT) is characterized by buttock pain localized to the hamstring attachment at the origin. Patients often have a history of increased loads such as increased hill running, performing deadlift type activities, lunges, and/or starting a new regimen or more intense regimen of yoga. Activities such as sitting can often be aggravating to these symptoms.

Through determination of the possible contributing strength deficits, running form modifications, and running load management modifications patient are often able to continue to run during the rehab process.

Susan Loken is an incredible runner with an amazing history in this sport. This past summer she experienced an exacerbation of symptoms related to proximal hamstring tendinopathy and she unfortunately had to back out of her race plans of completing the Berlin Marathon.

We consulted in late summer over her symptoms and started her on a plan towards healing. Her recovery was not linear and she experienced several setbacks along the way (which is not atypical). However, she NEVER gave up, we remained in frequent communication, changed up the direction of her exercises whenever necessary, and the best part is that she never stopped running throughout this entire process. She was extremely faithful to her exercises and running load modifications and slowly but surely began to see her hard work pay off.

This past weekend, Susan went on to win her age group at the LA marathon (2:55:20) and is well on her way to earning the necessary points to qualify for the inaugural Abbott WMM Wanda Age Group World Championships at the 2020 London Marathon. Susan is a warrior and she earns what she achieves simply through her incredible work ethic.

I am beyond proud of you Susan. Congratulations! Thank you for trusting myself/Foundation to share in your goals.

Susan is also a very accomplished marathon coach with a passion for encouraging and changing the lives of others. She's made an enormous positive impact on my life. To follow Susan's story and to get a regular dose of her incredible positivity, I highly recommend following her on Instagram! @susan_loken

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