Phoenix Marathon and Half Marathon

Cool temps, sunshine, and teammates = memorable performances! Congrats to all that raced the Phoenix marathon and half marathon.


Sunny: 54 min PR!

Dema: best marathon experience she's had to date!

John: successful completion of a marathon without injury!

Matt: selfless performance in helping Patrick Utitus-Canez (with 2getherwelive) BQ!

Coach Danelle: 1st AG, BQ!



Ben: beat personal goal!

Caryn: solid training day!

Heather: solid training day!

Shannon: solid training day!

Grace: 39 min course improvement year to year!

Joey: solid training day!

Julianne: selfless performance in assisting Team Jewel accomplish a great race with 2getherwelive

Melissa: solid training day!

Jessica: solid training day!

Gaelle: perfect pacing execution at 2:10!

Rob: 7 min PR!

Julie: solid training day!

Nicole: 3 min course improvement year to year! 

Stacie: excellent split management throughout the course!

Cassie: solid training day!


Congratulations to the friends and alumni of Foundation:

Cris (marathon): BQ

Monica (marathon): 2nd AG, BQ!

Megan (marathon): best marathon experience she's had to date!

Olivia (half marathon): PR!

James (half marathon)