Successful Completion Of The Women For Tri: Intro To Triathlon Training Program (Gilbert, AZ)!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

Dionne Socie had a dream. Her dream was to make the dreams of others come true and I couldn't be more grateful that Dionne approached Team Foundation to help her achieve her dream.  

Monday, May 21st was the date we found out our Team was one of the lucky recipients of the Women For Tri Grant. Thirty-seven days later we launched a 12-week Introduction to Triathlon Training Program with the end goal of having each participant complete the Mesa Sprint Triathlon on September 29th, 2018!

Thirty-seven brave women showed-up to our launch party on Thursday, June 28th and we couldn't be more proud and honored to say that thirty-two of these women crossed the finish line at the Mesa Sprint Triathlon! 

The twelve-week training program consisted of weekly activities on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings. Monday evening activities included a tire changing/bike maintenance clinic, running form seminar, strength training classes, nutritional seminar, bike handling skills, transitions practice, and the Thursday morning workouts focused on building swim skills. Every athlete was also provided with a 12 week day by day training program to follow on their own. A private Facebook group was also created to keep the athletes informed of the weekly activities, provide a safe environment to ask questions, and to foster community.

Each athlete was matched with an experienced triathlete to help them along the way. Some athletes developed bonds with their mentors that will last a lifetime!

To say that the women were dedicated to the program is an understatement. They were consistent, committed, very eager to learn, and some even drove >1 hour each way to attend the Monday and Thursday activities. 

The twelve weeks flew by and it's hard to believe our program has come to an end. Because of the overwhelming outcomes of the program, we are anxious try our hands at hosting another group triathlon training program again next year. 

Our program would not have been a success without the help, creativity, and passion of Coach Andrea, Coach Danelle, Dionne Socie, Olivia Sparks and our incredible mentors that volunteered their time. Thank you!

We would also like to thank the Power Ranch Community Association, Joe French, owner of The Bike Shop, Kyle Herrig, owner of Triplex Training, Brook Schohl, R.D., owner of Fuel To The Finish, Queen Creek Running Company, Sole Sports, Cadence Running Company, and Tri Fe Tri for their time and generous donations for our participants.

Thank you as well to the organizers of the Mesa Sprint Triathlon! The race you provide to the community is extremely well organized and was absolutely perfect for our first time participants.  Thank you! 

And of course, the Women For Tri Organization, we couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity that you provided to the women of the Phoenix area. Because of you, we now have 32 new female triathletes within our community that are ready to spread their knowledge and continue to grow our community. Thank you!

Below are a few stunning stats from the twelve-week Intro To Tri Training Program:

Number of women that signed-up for the program: 37

Number of athletes that crossed the finish line at the Mesa Sprint Tri: 32

Oldest participant: 59

Youngest participant: 16