San Tan Scramble, AZ Rock N Roll, & Casa Grande Metric Century

2018 race season is here and the Foundation athletes are off to an exciting start! 


Caryn: She's back out on the trails and definitely blazing her way through! Congrats to Caryn for completing the San Tan Scramble 17k.


Grace: Patience is a behavior that often takes years to hone and thankfully Grace has the patience of a saint. After three years of healthy, progressive training, Grace accomplished a PR at the Rock N Roll marathon. Congratulations, Grace!

Ben: Sometimes taking the plunge in the direction of a goal that is off "course" from the original intent pays off. Ben wasn't 100% committed to the AZ Rock n Roll marathon at first, but once he felt the progress of his training, he decided to take the calculated risk. He completed the race with a solid foundation of strength and with a PR to boot. Ben has a big year ahead of him and this was a great start to his season!

Joey: He's back in the training saddle with a solid marathon at AZ Rock n Roll. Joey is an aerobic machine that is careful and conscientious about this training which always pays off in his favor. Congrats, Joey!

John: He's on a quest this year to discover the physical limits of his endurance and he set the bar high with another incredible PR at the AZ Rock n Roll half last weekend. Way to go, John!

Matt: His goals are often not his own and he's always there to help serve the goals of others. Matt assisted in the accomplishment of a PR for Team Patrick through 2getherwelive. Congratulations Patrick & Matt! 

Heather: Physical movement is a powerful tool for expression of emotion. Heather accomplished AZ Rock n Roll half as a symbol of a powerful meaning to her life and our Team couldn't be more proud of her. Congratulations, Heather! 

Gaelle: After returning from an epic family trip over the holidays, Gaelle set the tone for her upcoming race season by accomplishing a solid effort at the AZ Rock N Roll half. Great job, Gaelle. 

Coach Danelle: Congratulations to Coach Danelle for doing a fantastic job of motivating and guiding the 3:45 pace group at the AZ Rock n Roll marathon! 


Congratulations to Caryn, Shannon, and Julianne who participated in the windy ride down south! Great way to get the ball rolling into triathlon season.