Weekend Race Recap

"Obstacles are the raw materials of great accomplishments." - Tommy Newberry

Congratulations to the Foundation athletes that overcame obstacles in training that eventually lead to incredible accomplishments this past weekend!


Grace: Grace is a very patient. For the last year, she has focused on strength/form building and aerobic efficiency in her run. Over the past few months, she proved that she was ready for speed work and boy has that paid off! Grace knocked it out the park with a 12+ min PR on the South Mountain Half Marathon course. Congratulations, Grace!


Olivia: More than six months ago Olivia and I sat down to talk about her personal goal of celebrating her 40th birthday by completing her first Olympic triathlon and Arizona 70.3! Like most things rarely was her training smooth sailing, but throughout it all, she stayed healthy and always found the ability to focus when it was absolutely necessary. Watching her emotions of joy as she ran down the finishers chute yesterday was profound. She discovered that she is capable of anything she puts her mind to and she will forever have the memory of the struggle and reward of her efforts. Congratulations, Olivia!


Annie: The journey to AZ 70.3 for Annie has been years in the making. Annie overcame debilitating health issues that left her with the feeling that she may never be athletic again. Thankfully she has a drive within her that seeks answers and she utilizes those answers to the best of her ability to get her to her goal. Along the road to AZ 70.3, she suffered many bumps in the road, but once again she never gave up. She put every once of what she had into her training and she crossed the finish line yesterday at AZ 70.3 with extreme elation and with a lifetime of memories of her lifelong pursuit of what sets her soul on fire! Congratulations, Annie!


Gaëlle:(Special note from Coach Danelle) Coming from a background in running, Gaelle decided this year she would venture out of her comfort zone and do more than just crossing train; she was ready to tri! She has spent the last 8 months not only working hard but working smart. She put 100% into her workouts every week and even took advantage of some swim clinics and coaching sessions to get more insight into ways to improve her swim. The road to her first 70.3 included a build-up progression (sprint, Olympic) in the midst of caring for her family and going to school as well! Her focus, dedicatio, and perseverance paid off! She completed her goal of becoming a half-Ironman Sunday, and a strong swim performance to boot! She refused to give up or quit when the temps crept up hotter and hotter, remembering her mantra of “you are stronger than you think”. Not only has she gained physical strength, but mental fortitude as well. What an awesome role model her little girls have in their IronMom!! I am so happy for Gaelle and proud of her hard work and commitment to her goals.


Stacie: Last spring Stacie participated in her first 70.3 in Oceanside. Utilimately she had a great race at Oceanside, but her first 70.3 experience, brought challenges and feelings of frustration that left her wanting more. Stacie was diligent about working on the aspects of her race in Oceanside that she was wanted to improve throughout her training for AZ 70.3 Her diligence, patience and grit paid off with 43 min 70.3 PR! Congratulations, Stacie - I can't wait to see what you do at Oceanside in 2018!


Shannon: Another step in Shannon's arduous Ironman journey has produced a 7+ min 70.3 PR and a 37 min course PR! Onward to her A game in 4 short weeks. Congratulations, Shannon!


Danelle: Congratulations to Coach Danelle for her incredible 70.3 PR and acceptance of slot to 70.3 World Championships in South Africa in 2018!!